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The Intermediate section is comprised of the following EDI topics:


EDI construction

  • EDI Module Construction
  • Electrode Reactions and Material Selection

Electroactive Media used in EDI Devices

  • Ion Exchange Resin Selection
  • Ion Exchange Membrane Selection
  • Mixed bed Resin Filler (EDI-MB) - Intermembrane Spacing
  • Mixed bed Resin Filler (EDI-MB) - Resin Packing
  • Layered Bed Resin Filler (EDI-LB)
  • Separate Bed Resin Filler (EDI-SB)

Thin Cell and Thick Cell EDI

  • Thin Cell EDI
  • Thick Cell EDI

DC Current and Voltage

  • Faraday's Law
  • Current Efficiency and E-factor
  • Ohm's Law and Module Resistance

Removal of Ionic Species

  • Series removal of species
  • Carbon Dioxide Removal
  • Silica Removal
  • Water splitting and Module Resistance

Gas Generation in the Electrode Compartment

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